Entry IV - The Life and the Tellings of Everard the Tavern Keeper

Written by Chris Jorgensen

It happened. The conflict between all the different factions finally came to its boiling point. I keep coming back to this book and trying to find words that are supposed to be about me, but I only ever see the desire to write about the things that have happened around me.

So, the battle. Really the two major players were the knight squires and the legion. They were the two that had the most numbers, and their conflict started the whole thing. The bandits finally lashed out like a rat in a corner and tried to move against the legion in the night. The justices from Esperia were the last ones to join, and they seem to have suffered the least.

It should be said that I am not a man who has any real idea of what military actions or service are all about. The closest I ever got to being part of any sort of military was with the town militia, and that is purely a formality in this town. Most men who are capable are part of the army in case of emergency, but even the Baron doesn’t require us to be part of it. So my account might come across as uninformed, or basic to say the least. I’m trying my best here, and It will be a better account than anyone else in the town could give you. At least I know how to write, but perhaps the priest would have done a better telling about what happened. He at least is very well read and can write very neatly.

The battle. I’m sidetracking again.

Most of the Knights’ squires got wiped out. They were the one that got hit by the bandits in their flank. There’s a handful of them left. In the days after the battle, a handful of knights came to see the results. Most of us in the town thought they would be displeased at the results. Turns out, they really didn’t care too much about it. They were just happy that there was an end to it all. They gathered up the squires and left. Turns out most of the stories around those types are true. Too high and mighty for even the step below them.

The legion hung around a few days after. They fortified their camp a bit just to be safe. From the stories we got wind of from the few who were willing to leave camp and talk, they suffered only minor losses and were the piece that did the most damage to the bandits. They used the squires as an anvil to their hammer, they said, though it might not have been very mutual in their excitement.

The justices stayed clear of the whole thing for most of it. They had their horsemen run down the straggling bandits and a few of the legion in their minor skirmishes. They suffered the least and were the ones willing to showboat it around the edge of town. Chances are, that was the reason for the legion putting up their small palisade. The justices made a big show about themselves but didn’t parade too much about it through town. They came in and spent a fair share of money before finally leaving after the legion left. They took the day to gather their rocks and be on their way.

Overall, not the worst thing that could have happened. It brought in money, that’s for sure. The town is no worse off, aside from a few bruises and some minor house damages from the bandits. But for the most part, all seem to be on the mend. Hopefully, all this news around this place might attract a crowd. Who knows what could happen. The council will want everything to go back to normal again, but news and events like this never stay quiet, and they never truly go back to normal afterword. You won’t hear me complain much, a few extra coins in the coffers will do me and this town some good. Maybe even drive up a bit of industry. I’m always looking for a way to make a bit more. We will see what the future holds.